Watch 5 Artists Who Sued TV Globo

Watch 5 Artists Who Sued TV Globo

You probably know one familiar, who worked for TV Globo for years or even decades, but today the only relationship they have with the station is a lawsuit. The lawsuits are filed for a variety of reasons: labor causes, unfair dismissal, copyright struggles, payment of royalties, moral and material damages, and even eating a live snack.

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While Globo doesn’t comment “sub judice” on any of these lawsuits, it’s worth checking out this list of 5 artists who worked at TV Globo, but ended up suing the station after being wronged.

Izabella Camargo

The journalist was fired after she interrupted her work for months in 2018 to treat burnout syndrome. On her return, Globo Izabella Camargo blocked access to the station’s headquarters in São Paulo, even with a court order demanding the worker’s recovery. Access to and reinstatement of the position was only released with a prosecutor. A few months later, Camargo left the station for good and signed a deal worth R$1 million.

Carolina Ferra

Today actress Carolina Ferraz sued TV Globo after 25 years of acting on the station, where she presents the program “Domingo Espetacular”. The artist took part in “Por Amor” (1997), “Pantanal” (1990), Avenida Brasil (2012) and other productions, but recently stated that she no longer plans to act in soap operas.

The plaintiff has been taking legal action against the former broadcaster since 2017, when it was dismissed from its activities. In this case, Carolina is demanding the recognition of an employment relationship, with all the employment rights provided for by the CLT, which were not paid because she was taken on as a legal entity.

Maite Proenca

Actress Maitê Proença also filed a lawsuit against Globo for the same reason as Carolina Ferraz. In this case, the artist was fired in 2016 after serving as a legal entity at the station for 30 years. Proença participated in soap operas such as “Felicidade” (1996) and the remake of “Gabriela” (2012). The trial of the two is still ongoing under judicial secrecy. But as far as is known, Proença has called on his colleague to testify on his behalf.

Paulo Coronato

Paulo Coronato, who was successful in the soap opera “Mulheres Apaixonadas” (2003), brought a lawsuit in connection with Globo requesting access to documents related to the repetition of works he was working on. The claim revolved around the payment of his image rights and international sales that would not be transferred.

In this case, the broadcaster won the action, as it cannot require submission of documents signed with others.

Fernando Vanucci

Sports storyteller Fernando Vanucci, who sadly passed away in 2020, was fined and left the broadcaster for a mistake: being filmed live while swallowing a snack on Esporte Espetacular. Fernando Vanucci not only sued Globo for committing a mistake, but also received R$2 million in compensation for not having an employment relationship during 26 years of service with the broadcaster.