The new and futuristic Hyundai KAUAI, with a bolder and more dynamic design

The new and futuristic Hyundai KAUAI, with a bolder and more dynamic design

Hyundai has just unveiled the futuristic design for the new generation of its B-SUV, the Hyundai KAUAI. The model will be available in four versions: electric (EV), hybrid (HEV), internal combustion engine (ICE) and also in the sports version “N Line”, with a universal architecture for all and a unique design for each.

Come and discover some details that have already been revealed.

Hyundai KAUAI: more dynamic on the road and more spacious

The new Hyundai KAUAI is in line with Hyundai's commitment to sustainable mobility and a technology-driven design philosophy, expanding its electric offering – with key technological innovations already recognized in the multi-award-winning IONIQ range – while meeting the mobility needs of its customers with a variety of engines.

The new Hyundai KAUAI, with a unique design, confidently expresses its bold and dynamic presence.

The Hyundai KAUAI has evolved in every way, with greater diversity within the range, becoming a true support for any lifestyle.

🇧🇷 said SangYup Lee, Executive Vice President and Head of Design Center at Hyundai.

The new Hyundai KAUAI has evolved into a larger SUV, but still remains focused on urban driving, with a bolder design that conveys a dynamic, commanding presence on the road, and driver-focused interior space. To maximize space in the passenger compartment, the new model has grown and is now 4,355mm long, so 150mm longer than the previous version in the EV version. Compared to the current version, it has become 25 mm wider and 60 mm longer in wheelbase, while retaining its characteristic identity and design.

Contrary to what usually happens with cars available with different engines, the design and development teams on the new Hyundai KAUAI started developing the EV version, which was later adapted to the ICE, HEV and N Line models. versions. This innovative approach has enabled Hyundai to develop a technology-driven design concept for all versions of the new Hyundai KAUAI. Despite having a shared structural architecture, the EV, ICE, HEV and N Line version all have their own style.

The new front end of Hyundai KAUAI, distinctive and futuristic, contributes to the smooth aerodynamic performance of the model. The volume is evident in the infinity headlights, which are pixelated in the EV version, as this is the first Hyundai model to use this pixelated technology, contributing to such a differentiated appearance in the EV version.

Despite its futuristic appearance, the new Hyundai KAUAI never forgets that it is an SUV. Its dynamic design is accentuated by a bold wheel arch trim that incorporates front and rear lights, enhancing the robust appearance.

The new Hyundai KAUAI is full of parametric surfaces. The diagonal crease on the sides connects the side moldings to the spoiler, creating a contour that surrounds the entire vehicle. The rear features another infinity headlight, as well as a brake light integrated into the spoiler.

There are design variations between the different engines. The EV features pixelated graphics on the grille and rear bumper, including on the 19-inch alloy wheels, and wraparound mirrors and a black roof. The ICE and HEV share a bold, robust bumper design and black wheel arch trim.

The N Line trim features black mirrors and roof, signature spoiler, a more aggressive front and rear design, as well as the bumper enhancing its sportier look, fitted with 19-inch alloy wheels, dual exhaust and silver door sills.

An interior with functionality in mind

The interior of the new Hyundai KAUAI has several features that enhance its usability and provide an advanced driving experience that meets everyday needs. The universal architecture is derived from the EV version and emphasizes the spacious, versatile and light interior for both driver and passengers.

The dual 12.3-inch screen and dashboard provide an avant-garde feel and high-quality finish. Ambient lighting improves the driving experience and driver comfort. With the gear lever integrated into the steering column, the interior of the new Hyundai KAUAI has additional space for the driver's personal belongings on the center console.

The futuristic-style rear seats enhance the Hyundai KAUAI's urban design. This space offers a unique experience with maximum practicality, comfort and convenience. Behind the second row of seats is the luggage compartment with an improved load space.

Hyundai claims that more details about the new Hyundai KAUAI will be revealed in the coming months.