Purchase of luxury cars by TAP. “Shameful” or “saving” act?

 Purchase of luxury cars by TAP.

THE TAP ordered a new fleet of BMW business cars to replace Peugeot’s will have a market value of 52 to 65 thousand euros. The unions consider this an “embarrassing” administrative act, but the airline justifies it as a “economy measure”.

The news, it should be noted, was brought out on Wednesday by TVI/CNN Portugal and by the Away portal. TAP started by explaining, in an internal message, that the current fleet is largely from 2017 and reach as many contract extensions as possible next year.

“The Executive Committee would like to clarify that TAP has a business fleet for the administration and drivers, under an operational ‘rental’ regime. With the option we have created, we will save up to 630 thousand euros annually, if we had kept the cars we have now.TAP said in an internal statement, which Lusa had access to.

Thus, the company’s decision had a saving reason, while at the same time fulfilling the contracts concluded with the managers, including a service vehicle

And it continues: “With no choice but to enter into new contracts, we have opted for plug-in hybrid vehicles, instead of the current diesel, for environmental reasons, but also for the tax benefits that these less polluting vehicles bring. bring,” writes the TAP executive committee, headed by Christine Ourmières-Widener.

According to the company, “this option represents a savings of more than 20% of the monthly rent and taxes, related to new lease contracts for vehicles with characteristics comparable to the current ones (diesel), which is in line with the restructuring plan, as it represents the lowest possible costs in terms of tendering on the market”, with “also better deadlines for vehicle delivery”.

TAP justifies that there are 50 vehicles at stake, for which a tender has been launched in the market, inviting six entities to participate in the Portuguese market. “The chosen proposal was the lowest price proposal, with a monthly rent of €500. As a reference, the other proposals submitted to TAP with a more competitive value were a monthly rent of €750,” it reads. .

In its internal message, the company emphasizes that: “the company’s decision thus had a saving reason, while at the same time fulfilling the contracts concluded with the managers, including a service vehicle”.

[Medida] until it has a far-fetched economic justification, but which is ethically and morally objectionable

SNPVAC Says It’s An “Embarrassing” Management Act

The National Union of Civil Aviation Flight Personnel (SNPVAC) argued that TAP’s fleet renewal is ethically and morally reprehensible, since if it’s not a sign of willingness to increase crew salaries, it’s “shameful” management. to trade.

“It was with great surprise and a great deal of shame on the part of others that the trade unions, the workers of the TAP group and the Portuguese taxpayers were confronted with news that until it has a far-fetched economic justification, but which is ethically and morally objectionable“, reads a statement.

For the union it is “unacceptable” that, “in addition to the administration of TAP, the guardianship also constantly relies on the effort of its employees for the survival of the company and news of ‘little luxuries’ becomes public, in a cyclical manner”.

The Civil Aviation Pilots’ Union (SPAC) suggested tapping into the same “spend more to save” logic with which the company defended its fleet renewal for the replacement of workers’ working conditions.

“According to the rationale of the justification of those who chose to buy vehicles in this very sensitive time, which is based on miraculous savings, we propose the same logic of ‘spend more, save’ for the restoration of the dignity of workers” , says the union notice that Lusa had access to.

Marcelo says “it’s a common sense problem”, Costa is oblivious to the news

In turn, the President of the Republic, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, pointed out to the Portuguese airline “a problem of common sense” and defended restraint in difficult times.

“I have spoken with several public bodies in the past and regarding the payment of dividends and regarding salaries and I understand that when you are in a difficult time, you should make an effort to set an example of restraint“, defended Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa on Wednesday.

In the opinion of the President of the Republic, it is understandable that companies incur costs, but he defended that it is necessary to “have some common sense” when the country and the world are going through a “difficult period”.

On the same day, confronted with this news about TAP, Prime Minister António Costa said he was unaware of the news. “I can’t see all the news. (…) I’m not going to comment on news I don’t know. I know I’m going to take my Nissan Leaf home”Costa told reporters on the sidelines of the October 5 ceremonies in Lisbon.

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