New ASX. What is Mitsubishi’s most French worth?

 New ASX.  What is Mitsubishi's most French worth?

The new Mitsubishi ASX is the «twin brother» of the Renault Captur. Does it have arguments for “copying” the success of the Gallic model?

Mitsubishi ASX

First impression


Sale date: March 2023

As the «twin brother» of the Captur, it is also one of the most competitive B-SUVs in its class.


  • Availability of the 1.3 turbo engine
  • Room
  • Comfort/behaviour ratio


  • Image “glued” to that of the Renault Captur
  • Overall feel of the controls (very light and soft)

Recognize the new Mitsubishi ASX on one side? No wonder, because the new B-SUV of the three-rider brand is not much more than a ‘clone’ of the Renault Captur.

This is another case of badge engineeringa “recipe” known in the automotive industry that allows a brand to quickly fill gaps in the range at a lower cost – examples have not been lacking in recent years, as you can see below.

This option from Mitsubishi made it possible to reverse the decision taken in 2020 to leave the European market and, in addition to the ASX, we also see a new Colt based on the Renault Clio arriving.

Mitsubishi ASX rear view 3/4
©Mitsubishi The Renault Captur got a “twin brother”. The disappearance of the Renault diamond at the back made the camera more visible.

Aiming squarely at the midpoint of the B-SUV segment, the new Mitsubishi ASX will not have an easy task. Unlike the first generation, which sold 400,000 units in Europe, the new ASX now finds a much more densely populated segment.

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Discover the differences

There is no way back. despite the whim dynamic shield Typical of Mitsubishi models, the “Mitsubishi” inscription on the tailgate and the spread of the brand symbol, the ASX cannot hide its Gallic origins.