LAST MINUTE | You can now switch to the regulated gas market


Tonight (Tuesday 6 September) the Legislative Decree was published with which you can change your gas contract to the regulated market.

Here is the document in full:

Since the Legislative Decree says it will come into effect the day after its publication, this means that today (Wednesday 7th) you can go to any of the 12 retailers of last resort and ask to move to the regulated market.

For now you have to do it personally. To order online, you may have to wait up to 45 days from today. It was the deadline to adapt the sites to do everything digitally.

If you have a contract with companies that will significantly increase gas prices (EDP and GALP for now, but others will follow), quickly switch to the regulated market to protect yourself from these increases. In this case, don’t wait until October 1. Do it now!

What are the 12 companies you can order from?

In each geographic area, there is a supplier of last resort (CUR) that guarantees the supply of natural gas to consumers in the regulated market.

If you go to one of the following stores today (Wednesday), the employees probably still don’t know what to do. Have some patience. If you’re reading this article, you probably already know more than they do now. Calm. You have until the end of the month to make the switch without losing any money. Don’t let it wait until after October 1, when the new rates for companies will go into effect on the free market.

The 12 companies are these (each has its own region):

Beiragas – Companhia de Gas das Beiras, SA

Phone: 808 508 808

site | Electronic contact

Dianagás – Association of Natural Gas Distributors in Évora, SA

Phone: 808 500 010

site | Electronic contact

Duriensegás – Sociedade Distribuidora de Gás Natural do Douro, SA

Phone: 808 508 800

site | Electronic contact

EDP ​​Gas Service Universal, SA

Rua Ofelia Diogo da Costa, 115

4100-085 PORTO

Phone: 808 273 333

site | Electronic contact

Lisboagás Comercialização, SA

Phone: 808 506 009

site | Electronic contact

Lusitaniagas Comercialização, SA

Phone: 808 502 324

site | Electronic contact

Medigás – Association for Natural Gas Distributors in the Algarve, SA

Phone: 808 500 010

site | Electronic contact

Paxgás – Sociedade Distribuidora de Gás Natural de Beja, SA

Phone: 808 500 010

site | Electronic contact

Setgas Comercialização, SA

Phone: 808 272 020

site | Electronic contact

Sonorgás – Sociedade de Gas do Norte, SA

Rua 31 de Agosto, no. 12

5000 – 305 VILA REAL

Phone: 808 203 027

site | Electronic contact

Tagusgas – Vale do Tejo Gas Company, SA

Rua Conde da Ribeira Grande, Lot 2

Industrial area

2001-902 SANTAREM

Phone: 808 505 152

site | Electronic contact

Transgas, SA

Rua Tomás da Fonseca, Tower C, 6th floor

1600-209 LISBON

My suggestion is to call before going to the store. The first few days will probably be a mess.

How much do I have to pay to change?

SOMETHING! As the Legislative Decree says: “End customers with an annual consumption of less than or equal to 10,000 m3, who have the right to abide by the contract forms offered on the market, can choose to supply, without any burden or burden, by a supplier of last resort” .

And do I have to do a gas inspection before I move?


“The change of supplier made under the conditions of paragraph 1 is not subject to extraordinary inspection, and the presentation of the inspection declaration mentioned in said standard is not required.”

For now you have to go to a store of one of these 12 companies in person (see which one is yours), but they have 45 days to create online recruiting platforms.

“Suppliers of last resort must make available to the public, within a maximum period of 45 days from the entry into force of this Decree-Law, proposals to the public for the supply of gas to the final customers referred to in paragraph 1, which allow contracting through their websites without administrative barriers.”

“Every family can go to a shop immediately after the publication of the Legislative Decree. If you want to wait for the opportunity to do it electronically, you can,” Duarte Cordeiro said at the joint press conference to explain the package of measures to support household income and mitigate the effects of inflation.

The measure enabling the transition to the regulated market has a potential universe of 1.3 million beneficiaries.

The regulated gas market is expected to rise 3.9% in October, but it will still be cheaper than EDP and GALP. Make sure if you already know that you are going to get big raises. Note that there are companies in the free market that still have good prices and good discounts. Calculate carefully before you move.