If I switch from GAS to the regulated market, do I have to pay a new inspection?


I get dozens of messages with this question. As you have already noticed, if you are a customer of EDP or GALP (we still don’t know the value of the increases of the others) as of October 1, the gas price will practically triple. An invoice for 20 becomes 60, from 50 to 150, from 300 to 900 euros. It’s serious.

As I have already explained to you HERE in this article, it is best to CHANGE to the regulated market as soon as possible. We still don’t know why this is, because the government has not yet explained it. You have to wait.

But do I have to pay between 60 and 80 euros or more to exchange?

This point is VERY IMPORTANT. The answer is yes and no. It depends on how long ago you last had the gas inspection of your home. I predict that tens of thousands (if not hundreds of thousands) of you will have to pay for a new gas inspection if you want to change gas suppliers, regulated or not.

But I want you to understand one simple thing: No one has to pay a new gas inspection just to switch gas companies. Inspections are mandatory every x years, whether you change supplier or not. What happens is that many of us did not do it in time and now, by law, the supplier (regulated or not) to conclude a new contract is obliged to request a valid inspection certificate.

If you have it and it is valid (within the legal validity period) you change your contract and you don’t have to pay anything. If it is out of date or you can’t find it or if you never had it (at a time when the document was not required), then YES, then you have to pay a new inspection even before going to the regulated market (or another company).

Is there room for your inspection?

This is one of the major problems I foresee. As soon as it is possible to return to the regulated gas market (how we don’t know yet) there will be a flood of requests for these inspections. Can companies respond to tens of thousands of requests in the first weeks? I very much doubt it.

That is, if you are not very observant and you already request an inspection, you may have to wait several weeks, a month or more before you can switch to the regulated market. And meanwhile you pay absurd prices.

Perhaps the government, realizing this problem, will create some kind of exemption / deferral / any other solution to prevent bureaucracy from blocking the savings of Portuguese who want to change supplier immediately so as not to fall victim to these terrible increases.

I also want you to understand that these increases are not corporate greed. They can’t afford to buy gas for 300 and sell you for 35. It’s one of the consequences of war. We take it by table.

Who has to pay for a new inspection?

This link contains all the information from the Directorate-General for Energy and Geology on this subject:


I will summarize for you what is in the law.

Gas installations (IG) fall under: periodic inspectionson pain of cutting off the gas supply.

In the event of conversion, changes to the IG, gas leaks or interruption of supply due to the existence of a critical defect, the IG are also subject to extraordinary inspections. That is, when you have a gas problem or change equipment, you are legally obliged to request a new inspection. Many change water heaters, stoves, etc. and they don’t. It is illegal and VERY DANGEROUS.

The change of gas supplier and the change of ownership in the contract gas stock do not imply performing an extraordinary inspectionprovided there is a valid inspection certificate or the inspection report with unqualified results, inspection of the installation.

All Geographical Indications must be checked periodically, according to the following frequency:

type of building 1st periodic inspection Other inspections
IG performed until 21-08-2018 IG performed after 21-08-2018 Frequency
Type I – Enclosure Until 08/26/2028 or when they reach their 20th birthday, whichever is sooner 10 years 5 years

In short, find and see – over time – the valid inspection certificate that you have in your house that approves the installation and with which you can validate that one of the gas appliances and the ventilation and combustion products exhaust systems have not been replaced. of gas appliances.

In the event of a change of supplier, you do not have to carry out a new inspection if the customer submits the valid inspection certificate and a statement showing that no structural changes have been made to the natural gas installation – Declaration of Conformity. For example, you can print this statement on the EDP website via the link in the previous sentence.

In the event of a change of ownership of the gas contract, a new inspection will also not be paid if the customer submits a valid inspection certificate and a statement showing that no structural changes have been made to the natural gas installation.

Periodic inspections must be carried out from:

  • 5 in 5 years: in installations with more than 10 years;
  • 3 in 3 years: in gas installations in companies and institutions.

In order not to have to pay for this new inspection, you must have these two valid documents with you (to be uploaded when moving to the regulated market):

  • Valid inspection certificate issued by the natural gas inspection authority – if the offered inspection certificate is no longer valid, it is mandatory to carry out a new inspection. The inspection report does not replace the inspection certificate.
  • Declaration of conformity of the natural gas installation stating that, to the best of its knowledge, no changes have been made to the layout, cross-section or nature of the pipes (in communal areas or in the residences), or parts of the installation have been replaced by others of a different type.

What shall I do?

Comply with the law. If you notice that your gas inspection is late, do it immediately this month so you don’t have to wait weeks after October. If you have the inspection up to date (every 5 years, after the first 10) you don’t have to worry about paying these costs (which you pay later, change supplier or not).

Therefore, if you have never considered this aspect of natural gas inspections, expect an additional expense of 60, 80 euros or other amount in October, depending on your situation and/or the company you hire to carry out the inspection, if you want to switch to the regulated one. It’s your responsibility, it’s not the gas company’s responsibility to move to. Go look at your papers.