Ferrari Purosangue unveiled with V12 NA. Call it anything but SUV

Ferrari Purosangue de lado com portas abertas

Ferrari does not want to be called the unknown pure blood SUV, as he considers it a “true sports car”, but it becomes difficult to do so when we look at it, even if we admit that it is a “creature” that stands out from its potential rivals – is it more correct to categorize it as a crossover?

The proportions remind us of the GTC4Lusso — the shooting brake three-door, four-seater – which went out of production in 2020, but the style seems to have received its greatest influence from elegant Roma.

In these first images it looks relatively compact, but it’s pure illusion: the height of 1,589 m (the highest ever in a Ferrari) and the gigantic wheels of 22″ at the front and 23″ at the rear make it appear smaller than it actually is. .

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