Electricity, gas, tolls and bread: the new year brings widespread increases

Electricity, gas, tolls and bread: the new year brings widespread increases

The coming year will be characterized by the general price increase that consumers will pay for the services they use every day, with the inflation in November to 9.9%🇧🇷

Electricity will increase for those in the regulated market, but also for some customers who have moved to the liberalized market, under pressure from the prices of natural gas used to produce electricity.

Bee toll also register increases, as do rents, although limited by the government, taking into account the impact of inflation on these prices.

The known price updates for 2023:


the price of electricity on the regulated market increases by 1.6% in January 2023, compared to December, with an increase of 3.3% over this year’s average, values ​​higher than those proposed in Octoberannounced ERSE – Regulatory body for energy services.

According to data published by ERSE, with this increase, average monthly invoice, from January 2023for a childless couple (power 3.45 kVA, consumption 1,900 kWh/year) increases by 0.54 eurosand for one couple with two children (capacity 6.9 kVA, consumption 5,000 kWh/year) increases by 1.41 euros🇧🇷

In the liberalized market, the EDP ​​Comercial has announced that it will be up about 3% on averagethe value of the electricity bill of residential customers, as of 1 January, reflecting the volatility of energy purchase costs.

In turn the Endesa expects to maintain the global value of customers’ electricity bills in 2023the company warned in a note to customers.