Don’t want to spend a lot of money? Ideas to save on Christmas decorations

 Don't want to spend a lot of money?  Ideas to save on Christmas decorations

noNovember is coming to an end and the Christmas season is approaching. Some have already taken care of the traditional Christmas decorations, others have not yet and are looking for an inexpensive way to do so. If this is the case with you, check here 13 ideas from Doctor Finance to save on Christmas decor??

  1. Take advantage of what you have from previous years – “For example, you can use items such as candles, stars, Sinterklaas and others from previous years. You don’t have to change your decoration every year. Colors are of course important. If you already have decorations suitable for Christmas (e.g. red, white, green or beige), you can always take advantage of it and reuse it. You can also always experiment and make your own stars or candles”;
  2. Reuse cans and jars – “Use cans. What do you usually do with cans of sausage, beans, grains or tuna for example? Use them! Try washing them, remove the paper and put a candle in them. A color that matches your Christmas decor. A another suggestion is to collect 13 cans and use each of them to place a letter until you complete the sentence: ‘Merry Christmas.’ After all, it’s simple, original and cheap”;
  3. Redo some parts with new scenery – “If you want to save, don’t waste resources. In other words, take advantage of Christmas decorations from previous years, even if it’s not what you really want this year. Use some decorative ribbons for this. For example, you can make a wreath or use these leftovers to fill glass jars. But if you want, add some lights and you have another Christmas tree!”;
  4. Buy Christmas decorations in shops from 1 euro – “The so-called “1 euro shops” have dozens of nice pieces to decorate your home for Christmas. So take advantage of the prices and save! , stars, napkins, paper plates and other decorative items)”;
  5. Enjoy children’s creativity for Christmas decoration – “Children are original and creative by nature! Take the opportunity and make Christmas decorations with your children. There are several options, such as: angels; cardboard stars; drawings; or even bonbons to hang on the tree”;
  6. Build a paper door wreath – “Ideas galore! With a few simple sheets of tissue paper or crepe paper, you can decorate a wreath for your front door, for example. Get started! Buy one in foam, cover it with tissue paper or crepe paper, glue some leaves and tie a bow at the end. Look, it costs nothing”;
  7. Don’t buy everything at once – “Christmas is synonymous with enthusiasm and excitement for many families. Nevertheless, try to stay in control and don’t buy everything that appears in front of you! Go shopping little by little and carefully, really think about what you want for your home “. This way you can buy a little every year and put together a collection of Christmas items to your liking! Also take advantage of the discounts that stores give right after Christmas to buy in a little more”;
  8. Use the natural resources at your disposal – “Nature has a lot to offer us, also for Christmas. Enjoy the fallen leaves of a tree with autumn colors, small trunks you pick up here and there, pieces of holly you have in the garden or even pine cones. Use your fantasy and make free Christmas decorations. Bring nature into your home. Not only will you contribute to environmental sustainability, your wallet will thank you”;
  9. Make a tree on the wall – “Have you ever thought of a Christmas tree on one of the walls in your living room or kitchen, for example? You can use the following items for this: paper; newspapers; cardboard; ribbons; bows; postcards you no longer need; corks; family photos ; etc”;
  10. Use LED lighting in Christmas decorations – “Whatever kind of Christmas tree you make, it should have lights in it. In other words, Christmas without lights is not the same! Always use LED lights. Also don’t forget that they last about 200,000 hours and use 90% less energy. ” After all, your electricity bill will thank you”;
  11. Choose an eco-friendly Christmas tree – “Take advantage of old newspapers and magazines and make a Christmas tree in different sizes and shapes for your home. Once again, turn to YouTube and there will be no shortage of ideas and suggestions for learning how to make it. If you want to give it a more personal touch, paint it in the color you want for your Christmas and add other decorations: stars or balls for example”;
  12. Make a Christmas calendar – “Have you ever thought of making a Christmas calendar at home? Well, imagine a very large sheet, illustrated by the little ones, with the days of December. Easy and cheap! Get everyone involved and buy a doll to enjoy” jumping’ from day to day”;
  13. Christmas decorations: Make a snowman ‘without snow’ – “Do you happen to have old car tires in your garage and never got rid of them? Well, use them to make a snowman (but not snow!). Then paint them white, stack three and leave one” stand’ on top of this pile. Then you just make a face out of cardboard, put on a hat, a scarf and you get a snowman without snow! Again, the cost is practically zero”.

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