cheapest neighborhood is inland

cheapest neighborhood is inland

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Average sales prices of diesel and gasoline to the public fell 7.5% and 8.7%, respectively, in August compared to the previous month, according to data from the latest Market Bulletin from the Energy Services Regulatory Authority.

In August of this year, thefuel consumption in Portugal grew by 14.8%” compared to the same period last year, “corresponding to 97.6 kilotons more,” reports the Energy Services Regulatory Authority (ERSE) Fuel and LPG Market Bulletin.

This increase in consumption is due to the “very significant increase” in the cost of jet fuel which was “up 58.8% compared to August 2021,” ERSE explains.

But “spending on gasoline and diesel also rose 9.3% and 7.3%, respectively, and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) alone fell by 5.5%,” the Bulletin points out.


Gas and fuel prices in August 2022

Average gas and fuel prices in Portugal, in August 2022.

Petrol costs 5.4% less at hypermarket pumps

When it comes to analyzing fuel prices for road use, ERSE notes that “the hypermarkets have the most competitive offers“, “followed by operators in the low-cost segment”.

In gasoline, hypermarkets sell at prices “0.6% lower than those of operators in the low-cost segment” and the “5.4%” minus than that of oil company gas stations in a “difference of 10.2 cents/litrethe Bulletin emphasizes.

As for diesel, hypermarkets have “average prices of about 8.8 cents/litre” below the national PVP (average price).

“Operators with low-cost offers made available simple diesel at an average price of €1,780/l, which equates to a surcharge of 0.7% compared to the price of hypermarkets‘, the ERSE bulletin reads.

Gas station pumps “reported average prices of 1,878 H€/l, about 2.2 cents/l above the national average price,” it adds.

Castelo Branco, Braga and Santarém with cheaper fuel

When analyzing the average prices by district, the ERSE Bulletin concludes that: Castelo Branco, Braga and Santarem are the districts with the cheapest fuel while Faro, Braganca and Beja have the highest prices.

In Braga the average prices were around 1,863 c/l for simple petrol and 1,845 c/l for simple diesel. In white CastleFrom where 1,855 c/l and 1,842 c/land in Santarém they were between 1,871 c/l and 1,845 c/l.

One of the most expensive prices, in Farothe mean values ​​were 1,896 c/l in regular petrol and 1,874 c/l in regular diesel. In Beja the values ​​were between 1,893 c/l and 1,872 c/l, and in Bragança between 1,893 c/l and 1,874 c/l.


Gasoline prices by district

Average petrol prices in Portugal, in August 2022, by district.

In general, the average price of simple gasoline is 95 taken in Augustcompared to the previous month (-8.7%), and that of diesel decreased by 7.5%, due to the behavior of this derivative on the international markets,” emphasizes the ERSE Bulletin.

U.S Azores and further Woodthe values ​​were between 1,792 c/l and 1,690 c/l, and 1,891 c/l and 1,738 c/l for simple petrol and simple diesel respectively, in the context of a special regime of “maximum selling prices” to the public”.

Taxes represent 43.1% of the invoice

As part of the application of the ISP’s weekly review mechanism (Tax on Petroleum Products), the collection of this fee is “not updated with respect to July”.

But despite this, the amount of tax collected 21.1 cents/litre lower in gasoline and 18 cents/litre lower on diesel in August compared to November 2021.

However, the “largest part of the PVP” paid by consumers at the gas pumps remains the taxes represented in August “43.1% of the total petrol billfollowed by quotation and freight (40.6%)”, explains the ERSE Bulletin.

“You operating costs and marketing marginthe incorporation of biofuels, logistics and the formation of strategic reserves together represent about 16.3% of the average PVP of simple petrol 95 and 16.5% of the average PVP of simple diesel,” the report also notes.

Cheapest bottled gas in Braga, Viseu, Vila Real and Viana do Castelo

about the average price of bottled gas“Braga, Viseu, Vila Real and Viana do Castelo registered the cheapest LPG bottle (butane and propane) for mainland Portugal,” notes the ERSE Bulletin.

“The neighborhoods of Porto, Guarda and Castelo Branco also have low prices,” notes the document.

On the other side of the barricade, “Setubal, Leiria and Evora present the higher prices“. But “Beja, Faro, Lisbon and Santarém also have bottled LPG prices that are higher than the national average price”.

The regional price difference between most neighborhoods “is less than 1 euro”, ERSE explains. “THE greater neighborhood variation in price” is respectively 1.10 euros and 1.18 euros in the neighborhoods of Setubal and Braga.


In Setúbal, butane and propane LPG cost on average 32.47 euros and 32.21 eurosrespectively in August 2022. In Braga the values ​​were 30.30 euros and 29.92 eurosrespectively.


Bottled gas price per district

Average bottled gas prices in Portugal, in August 2022, by district.

“U.S Azoresthe maximum price of butane gas, the most commonly used, is determined by the regional government and the tax incidence in the archipelago is 33.5% lower than in mainland Portugal,” the Bulletin also explains. This is how the average price in the archipelago was 18.30 euros.

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