8 best cheap used cars under 5,000 euros

8 best cheap used cars under 5,000 euros

Although a budget of 5,000 euros seems limited, it can be enough to find cheap, robust and reliable used cars. Discover the best models.

8 best cheap used cars under 5,000 euros

Peugeot, Seat, Volvo and many other leading brands. There are cheap used car options with excellent quality that are real finds.

1. SmartForTwo

The Smart ForTwo was launched in 1994 and was launched in Portugal in 2003. It immediately attracted attention for its unmistakable body and its maneuverability in the city.

The Smart ForTwo is truly one of the most practical used cars for the urban environment. Its small dimensions without compromising on comfort allow for easy moving and parking, and the fact that the engine is manufactured by Mercedes makes this a reliable car. So even units with a lot of kilometers continue to perform safely and stably.

In addition, the consumption is very attractive to the wallet, fluctuating between 4 and 5 liters of fuel per 100 kilometres. Its iconic design is also a reason why it is one of the most used cars in major European cities.

2. Renault Clio

The Renault Clio has been the brand’s most emblematic model since 1990. It remains the best-selling car in Portugal and is believed to be one of the best in its segment. The success of the Renault Clio is related to the fact that it is very economical and well equipped. Cruise Control or automatic air conditioning are some of the systems that equip these models.

Thus, the used Renault Clio can be well equipped, comfortable and with a relatively low consumption, in the order of 5.7 liters per 100 kilometres. There are 2010 versions equipped with a 1.5-litre diesel engine with 70 hp, for less than 5,000 euros.

3. Seat Ibiza

The Seat Ibiza started production in 1984 and was designed by Seat in collaboration with other well-known brands such as Italdesign, Karmann and Porsche. Since then, the production of this model has gone uninterrupted through five different generations.

That is why the Seat Ibiza could not help but take a place in this list of the 8 best used cars for a price of less than 5,000 euros, primarily due to its sporty design, with space to comfortably accommodate passengers and even carry luggage. .

The mechanics are reliable, solid and affordable, in line with another brand of the group, Audi. It is a very complete used car, with some 2010 versions with powers in the order of 75 hp and an inviting consumption of only 4 liters per 100 kilometers.

4. Peugeot 207

It is true that aesthetics is a subjective concept, but the Peugeot 207 continues to arouse the admiration of many drivers, with dynamic and modern lines. In addition, it is an easy car to find on the used market, as it was one of the best-selling models in its segment. The driving experience is pleasant, partly thanks to the good suspension.

It preceded the 206 model, which received 5 stars for safety, awarded by EuroNCAP, attesting to its robustness and reliability from the start. In addition, the consumption is impressive, in the order of 4 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers, with engines of 70 hp and 1,400 displacement.

5. Renault Twingo

The Renault Twingo was born in 1993 to revolutionize the compact segment and quickly became a success in Europe. Small on the outside and big on the inside, it was conceived with the mission to become the cheapest car of the brand, eliminating everything superfluous, but with an innovative design.

The iconic lines of the Renault Twingo have made it a cult model in some countries. It is a gracefully curved city car with round headlights, with a surprisingly comfortable and airy interior.

Renault Twingo offers a pleasant driving experience in the city, with an average consumption of 5 liters per 100 kilometres. The 58 hp engine with a displacement of 1149 offers good urban performance and is one of the most practical and economical options for those looking for a cheap used car.

6. Volkswagen Golf

At the same time as Germany hosted the 1974 FIFA World Cup, another event made this a remarkable year for the country: the launch of the Volkswagen Golf. This model was an instant success and quickly won drivers all over the world.

The Volkswagen Golf is known for its durability and reliability, even with reports from drivers who found a first failure in this model only after 400 thousand kilometers. In addition, it offers a well-designed and functional cabin.

It is possible to find 2006 models with safe performance, with petrol engines of 1,400 displacement and 75 hp, or the TDi with 100 hp and 1,900 displacement. In terms of consumption, it is one of the most economical, with an average consumption of 5 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers.

7. Volvo S60

The Volvo S60 is an option to keep in mind when looking for cheap used cars up to 5,000 euros. Launched in 2000, it distinguished itself in terms of safety and comfort – ahead of its main competitors at the time.

It has reliable and efficient motors, fast and precise steering and effective braking. It is possible to find versions with 2.5 L engines and 163 hp, with an average consumption of 6 liters per 100 kilometers.

Some 2010 models also have a brake system with ventilated discs at the front and discs at the rear, and the exceptionally well-built chassis is responsible for stable cornering and driving comfort.

8. Toyota Aygo

The decision to produce the Toyota Aygo was taken in 2001, jointly by Toyota and the PSA Peugeot-Citroën group, to ensure affordable prices. The result was an immediate success.

The Toyota Aygo stands out as a young and modern city car, making it an agile and resourceful used car for the daily commute. In addition, it mainly draws attention to the design of the minimalist control panel.

In terms of performance, drivers can count on an average consumption of just 4 liters per 100 kilometers and there are engines with 68 hp and 998 displacement. For those who appreciate design, Toyota Aygo offers several combinations, both on the outside and in the cabin itself.